In the not-so-distant future, humanity faced the inevitable truth: Earth could no longer sustain its growing population. Pollution, climate change, and dwindling resources had pushed the limits of the blue planet. In a collective effort, humans set their sights on the Cosmos, searching for a new home among the stars.

After years of research and exploration, scientists discovered a promising moon, nestled in a distant galaxy. Its atmosphere was breathable, and the soil held the promise of sustenance. The place was christened Moonbys, a symbol of a new beginning for humanity.

As spacecrafts embarked on the perilous journey, excitement mingled with uncertainty. Among the colonists was Captain Alpha, a seasoned explorer with a determination to lead her people to a better future. The voyage was long and arduous, but the colonists held onto the hope of a fresh start.

Upon reaching Moonbys, the settlers encountered an unexpected surprise. An alien race, known as the Arcturians, greeted them with open arms. Towering beings with iridescent skin and ethereal eyes, the Arcturians possessed advanced technology and a deep understanding of the Cosmos.

Emissaries of the Arcturian Council, Arion, Seraphina and the Moon Templars, emerged as ambassadors between the two species. They explained that they had been monitoring Earth for centuries, witnessing the struggles of humanity. Impressed by the resolve to seek a new home, the Arcturians decided to extend their benevolent support to the settlers.

Under Arcturian guidance, the human colony flourished. Advanced technology was shared, enabling rapid development and terraforming of Moonbys. The Arcturians, who had experienced their own share of challenges, became mentors to the humans, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the two species.

As the colony prospered, Captain Alpha and her crew delved into the rich history of the Arcturians. They discovered that these benevolent and wise beings, had once faced a similar plight, seeking refuge on a distant planet. The Arcturians empathized with the struggles of humanity and saw the potential for a harmonious coexistence.

Over time, Moonbys became a thriving hub of diversity, a testament to the unity between humans, Arcturians and beings from all over the Cosmos. The Arcturians, although different in appearance, had integrated seamlessly into the community, sharing their knowledge and fostering a deep sense of camaraderie.

As the years passed, Moonbys became a beacon of hope for all species and beings.

The Arcturians, true to their promise, provided protection and guidance to ensure the colony's prosperity. Captain Alpha marveled at the journey they had undertaken, from leaving a dying Earth to building a thriving society on an unknown moon, all under the watchful eyes of their extraterrestrial allies.

In the vastness of the Cosmos, a bond between two species flourished, proving that even in the face of adversity, cooperation and understanding could forge a new destiny for humanity among the stars.


The colony is a 3D moon colony, with virtual properties that are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) minted on Cronos chain.

There will be a total of 1500 NFT properties.

These properties are divided into the following types:

  • 1000 - Lofts
  • 400 - Stores
  • 100 - Offices

Colony's completion estimate:

40% of the colony's properties have been completed. 

100% is planned by 2025.

Improvements and upgrades will be ongoing.  


A virtual living space, with in-game asset decorations.

NFT home or loft owners get the following benefits:

  • A virtual 3D NFT property that can be collected, traded or leased.
  • Whitelists for future Moonbys' NFT collections and in-game assets.
  • Access to special events, tournaments and promotions.
  • VIP perks - These are shared in private groups with NFT holders. These can be modified and improved via blockchain governance, which is only available to Moonbys property NFT holders.

Lofts are to be completed first and 100% of them will become available for purchase, trading and leasing in our platform during 2024.

If you have played online role playing video games and open ended games, you can compare our virtual moon properties to the homes and items that you collect in these games, with the difference that our properties are NFTs powered by blockchain technology.


A virtual shopping space, to showcase your brand, products and/or services.

NFT shop owners get the following benefits:

  • A virtual shop in the 3D moon colony. A unique online space to showcase your brand.
  • An online shop in the traditional marketplace.
  • A dashboard with tools to help you manage your inventory, sales, clients and other stats.
  • No hosting, maintenance, membership fees or intermediary fees. Truly own your own online store.
  • Whitelists for future Moonbys' NFT collections and in-game assets.
  • Access to special events, tournaments and promotions.
  • VIP perks - These are shared in private groups with NFT holders. These can be modified and improved via blockchain governance, which is only available to Moonbys' property NFT holders.

Our goal here is to create an online ecommerce platform, which can be compared to a real life shopping centre and thus giving store owners as many similarities as owning a real life store.


A virtual office space, with decentralized online tools that help anyone to manage their professional life.

  • A virtual 3D NFT property that can be collected, traded or leased.
  • Access to decentralized storage.
  • Access to AI tools.
  • Whitelists for future Moonbys' NFT collections and in-game assets.
  • Access to special events, tournaments and promotions.
  • VIP perks - These are shared in private groups with NFT holders. These can be modified and improved via blockchain governance, which is only available to Moonbys' property NFT holders.

Our goal here is to create an online business office tools platform, which will be similar to in real life co working spots, with the main difference that you will actually own your NFT office space.

In-Game Currencies

Blockchain and Web3 technology allows our virtual moon colony to interact with the Cosmos.

There are only three in game currencies:

  • CRO (the native token of Cronos chain) - This is used for some in game transactions and for gas fees.

  • Lunarite(LRE)- This is a CRC20 token on Cronos chain and it is the foundation of the colony.

  • ㊙️- To be discovered by colonists and in game.

Lunarite Tokenomics

42,000,000 Lunarites have been mined from the deepest parts of our moon.

The latest technology has determined that there are no more Lunarites anywhere else in the Universe.

While some of these were found ready to be used, there are some that need to be processed or farmed!

Token Sale

10,500,000 Lunarite can be acquired at the UFO:

When these LREs are gone, the UFO will be gone too!

As the Lunarite supply at the UFO decreases, the CRO received will be used to increase the growth of LRE at:

Lunarite's liquidity will continue to grow from the services that the Colony offers to third parties in the Cosmos and beyond!


10,500,000 Lunarites need to be processed or farmed, so that they can be fully used around the colony and in Web3.

These can be farmed at Elk Finance.

This is meant to promote fair and decentralized token aquisition.

After the UFO is gone and 10,500,000 LRE have been farmed, 

All 42,000,000 Lunarites will be in full circulation. 

There will be more farms and others Web3 methods to acquire Lunarite at a later time.

Some might be destroyed, burnt or lost as time goes by.

Who knows what will happen!⚗️ 🎱🔮🧙

Development and Operations

These funds will be used to grow Lunarite and the Colony.

They will be used to create opportunities for LRE, for the Colony and for Moonbys' NFT holders.

Find out more about these developments and opportunities in the virtual world and in our social networks.

Marketing and Giveaways

These funds will be used for different marketing strategies, contests, promotions and giveaways.

Learn more about these opportunities by joining our Discord and Telegram groups.

You can also join our Zealy campaign, help our project grow and earn some Lunarites.


These funds will be vested for two years when the UFO is gone!

Community and Bounties

These funds will be used to create events, bounties and rewards for colonists and supporters.

In-Game Assets

The virtual moon colony is a gaming style 3D space, which offers different NFTs as in-game assets.

You will find original and unique Moonbys' NFTs, as well as some whitelisted third party NFTs.


These appear randomnly in game and can reward the user with some Lunarite, some NFTs or other assets.

Lunar Landing Lager

These are a souvenier NFTs. They are proof that you spent some time at the Colony, at the Spaceport or at our platform.

There will be some special rewards and opportunities for those who hold some of these NFTs.


Mintys is a NFT collection featuring some female characters.

They can be collected, traded and used to decorate your moon colony NFT properties.

Moon Templars

An original Moonbys NFT collection featuring 3D robots that are also the protectors of the Colony.

Owners of these NFTs will be able to use their character in the 3D world. (This feature is yet to be implemented. Exact date to be announced.)

They can be collected, traded and owners will receive whitelists for activities, as well as access to other promotions.

Mini Games

The colony offers different games, tournaments and activities to its users.

These will change throughout the year and seasons.

Learn more about them via our social networks.

Astronaut Parkour

In this mini game, you get to play an astronaut who has to float in outer space, from platform to platform.

You goal is to collect as many moonstones as possible. Avoid enemies, asteroids and floating off!

There is a 50 Lunarite entrance fee, which goes into the tournament pool.

Once the tournament is over, the three highest scores will share the LRE pool.

  • 🥇1st place - 60% of tournament pool
  • 🥈2nd place - 25% of tournament pool
  • 🥈3rd place - 10% of tournament pool
  • 🏛️ 5% of tournamnet pool goes to the Colony's Vault

Always pay attention to the number of entrances during a tournament. 

You may end up losing, even if you win.

Always check the leaderboad, stats and our social networks carefully!

The beta version of the Astronaut Parkour began in late 2023 and started as a weekly tournament.

Starting in 2024, this will become a bi-weekly tournament.

Exact schedule will be shared here, in game and in our social networks.


Astronaut Parkour is available via desktop web browser at the Spaceport.

  1. After the spaceport loads and you read the instructions, connect your wallet.
  2. Walk arround and click on the robot.
  3. Talk to the robot, read about current activities and find the Fun button.
  4. Find Astronaut Parkour and go to its main menu.

You will need 50 LRE in your wallet for one entrance fee and some CRO for gas fees.

  1. Click on the Begin button
  2. Complete the transaction with your wallet and once it completes
  3. Click on continue and you will find yourself as the astronaut on the first platform.

  • Use the spacebar to jump/float
  • Use the arrow keys to move around
  • Use W,A,S,D keys to move around
  • Use the mouse, joystick or gamepad to move camera

You only get one life. If you hit an enemy or an asteroid, you will die. If you float off the platforms and into space, you will die.

Your highest score will be registered in the leaderboard and you can view it during the current tournament in the Astronaut Parkour menu, by clicking on the Leaderboard button.

Prizes will be announced in our social networks and sent to the winning addresses once the tournament schedule ends.

Other Games

More games coming soon!