Online shopping

The Moonbys traditional marketplace is an online shop, featuring up to 400 different stores and where you can find some exclusive items and services.

It is a mix of Web3 and traditional e-commerce.


If you enjoy shopping online, you will love shopping at Moonbys.

You never know what you will find!

Browse through original products, services and more.

Pay with old fashioned checkout methods or pay with Web3 wallets and crypto.


A Moonbys Colony Store NFT is required to become a vendor and to establish a store in the colony.

Owning one of these NFTs gives you access to the following:

  • An online shop in the traditional marketplace.
  • A virtual shop in the 3D moon colony. A unique online space to showcase your brand.
  • A dashboard with tools to help you manage your inventory, sales, clients and other stats.
  • No hosting, maintenance, membership fees or intermediary fees. Truly own your own online store.
  • VIP perks - These are shared in private groups with NFT holders. These can be modified and improved via blockchain governance, available only to NFT holders.


We accept traditional online checkout options and cryptocurrencies.

You can pay with BTC, ETH, ATOM, CRO, BCNA and more.

We currently support making payments with the following crypto wallets:

  • Metamask
  • Keplr Wallet

You can also checkout or charge your customers via traditional invoicing, either via bank transfers, credit card payments or crypto transfers.

Use your Unstoppable Domains and Web3 identities to create beautiful invoices.